The Village of Cushendall



Cushendall is an attractive village nestled in the Heart of the Glens of Antrim between the hills and the sea of Moyle.

It is located at the bottom of Ballyeamon, one of the famous 9 Glens.

Its central location and wide range of services and activities contribute to its well-deserved title of the Capital of the Glens.

The area has a varied and fascinating history with evidence of settlement from Neolithic times.

 Many monuments can be found from the Stone Age and early Christian period.


There have always been strong links with Scotland and the Mull of Kintyre is only 16 miles from the Cushendall coast.

Indeed until the middle of last century, Cushendall would have looked towards Scotland, as it was easier to travel across the sea than across the mountainous areas which surround the village.

The Scottish connections are still strong today, and many of the families within Cushendall are proof of this and have Scottish surnames.

This mix of Scottish & Irish Culture has always meant "Cushendall and the Glens have always been known a place apart".


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The village currently has a population of around 1500 and continues to grow as a thriving community.

It has a wide range of services that not only cater for the local population but compliment and add to any visitor's stay in Cushendall.

The village has its own Golf course and Boating Club.

Water sports are very popular and outdoor activities such as hill walking are also catered for.

The village also has it's own very successful hurling team.

Cushendall has also a vibrant social and nightlife and is well renowned throughout the Glens for its traditional Irish music sessions.

Finally, Cushendall was one of the first villages in Northern Ireland to be declared a Conservation Area.

It has managed to retain its character and charm as an Irish village and will reward any visitor.


Water Colour Painting by Sam McLarnon (RIP) - Ulster Watercolour Society