The Village of Cushendun



Each of the nine valleys, which form the nine glens, have a different character, creating a marvellous romantic kingdom of wild flowers, waterfalls and bird life.


This village, at the foot of the river Dun and at the mouth of Glendun itself has a distinct cultural awareness, with its welcoming local people, friendly atmosphere and a rich talent in Gaelic Sports especially hurling.


Cushendun has a unique Cornish architecture and is considered nationally as an area of outstanding natural beauty, this part of the country is much preserved and maintained by the National Trust.



In Cushendun, natural beauty and picturesque buildings have combined to create a setting of exceptional charm.


The heart of the village comes as something of a surprise, especially when entering from the north when a right angled bend suddenly reveals a main street unlike any other in Ireland.


 The elements are deceptively simple; whitewashed dwellings, a shop, a tea house, and a pub (reputed to be the smallest in Ireland ).



The street continues on across the bridge over the Dun River.


Looking closer, there is a charming irregularity in the frontages, highlighting the various styles of porch that punctuate the streetscape.


Cushendun has long attracted many of Irelands best know artists and is referred to as The Artist's Village.


In the past it was a meeting place of the then 'The Artistic Set' and still is a place where Art, Poetry and Prose is nurtured.



Cushendun Building Preservation Trust


The Old Church in Cushendun served as a Church of Ireland place of worship for more than 150 years. It was deconsecrated in 2003 and now urgently needs repairs and restoration.


The Old Church won the Northern Ireland heat of the BBC TV series Restoration Village in 2006, as a result of the tremendous local support for preserving the building so it can continue to serve the community, but in a new way.


Cushendun Building Preservation Trust is dedicated to preventing the decay of this beautiful little country church by turning it into an exciting space for cultural and community events.


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The Old Church



Water Colour Painting by Sam Mc Larnon - Ulster Watercolour Society